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All students are requested remit their tution fee through SBI collect system by clicking the link  SBI   COLLECT

Follow the instructions

1. Read the terms and conditions and click the check box to proceed.

2.Select the state Kerala in State of Corporation/institution 

3.Select type of Corporate/i nstitution as Educational

4. Select name of institution as College of Applied Science Konni

5.Select the category to which admission is required.

      For  university allotment =>

                      BSc Computer Science General/SEBC                      select BSc Computer Science-General

                      BSc Computer Science SC/ST/OEC                          select  BSc Computer Science-SC/ST/OEC

                      BCom with Computer Applications General/SEBC    select Bcom with Computer Applications-General

                      BCom with Computer Applications SC/ST/OEC         select Bcom with Computer Applications-SC/ST/OEC                      

    For  IHRD Quota allotment =>

                      BSc Computer Science                                              select  BSc Computer Science-IHRD Quota

                      BCom with Computer Applications                              select Bcom with Computer Applications-IHRD Quota

5.Fill the required data

6. Pay the required fee using your credit/internet banking facility available with your account

After payment take the printout of  receipt and send to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                      For payment        click =>   SBI COLLECT